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Festivities of Gràcia and Sants

Cultura Culture 10/08/2023

The Fiesta Mayor is the great celebration of each town, which is prepared throughout the year and in which important events of the town, neighborhood or city are celebrated with music, festivals and popular culture in the open air with family and friends.

This party can be both a patronal party, that is, a party in honor of a patron saint or patron saint. The Catalan festivals have been held at least since the 13th century and many of them have a religious origin.

Among the religious acts, the solemn office and the procession have been or are traditional, often with giants, dwarves and popular bestiaries, all accompanied by a music band. During the month of August, two of the most important festivals are traditionally celebrated. striking and colorful parts of the city. With citizen participation as the axis of each celebration, the Gràcia and Sants neighborhoods decorate their streets with the help of their neighbors, exuding imagination, color, a good atmosphere and many activities in which both children and adults can participate.

The greatest attraction of these festivities are the decorated streets. Many streets of the Barrio de Gracia decorate their sections with a lot of imagination. Every year a contest is held and the best decoration is awarded.

THE GRÀCIA FESTIVITIES begin on the 15th and end on the 21st of August.

The town of Gràcia was a small peasant nucleus that, in the course of the 19th century, underwent a great transformation and became a unique area for workers and small merchants. With the growth of Barcelona, the nucleus was incorporated into the city, although it has never stopped claiming its own characteristics and way of doing things.

Do not miss all the information on the website of the Festa Major de Gracia Foundation .


THE FESTIVALS OF SANTS begin when the ones of Gracia finish . If you want to see how beautiful the decorated streets are and you liked the ones in the Gracia neighborhood, you can continue enjoying this tradition through the streets of the Sants neighborhood.

They are celebrated from August 19 to 27, coinciding with the festival of their patron, Sant Bartomeu.

As they say in Catalonia: “ Qui a festa major va, a festa major ha de tornar ”.

(“Whoever goes to the biggest party, has to return to the biggest party”.)