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Top 10 pizzerias in Barcelona

Gastronomía Gastronomy 23/08/2023

Pizza, one of the most popular foods in the Mediterranean diet, already has its predecessors in ancient Egypt when cereal doughs seasoned with cheese and aromatic herbs were used, and in Ancient Greece they also used to prepare doughs of this type, made with different cereals. .

Many authors affirm that pizza, as it is known today, comes from the city of Naples (Italy) and appears as a popular dish among Neapolitans, at some undefined moment in the 17th century. It is born from a food prepared by the humble inhabitants of the city of Naples and the composition was not as varied as the current one.

It is normally considered an unhealthy and highly caloric food. However, if the right ingredients are chosen, it can become an important source of nutrients and flavor. A homemade pizza will always be better, with a dough made with quality ingredients and seasoned with low-calorie and local products to make the most of all its benefits.

And where can you eat the best pizzas in Barcelona? Without a doubt, there are a lot of gastronomic places, and we have chosen a few for you to choose from.

NAP (Neapolitan Authentic Pizza)

NAP Antic - Av. de Francesc Cambó, 30 · 686 19 26 90

NAP Mar - C/ del Baluard, 69 · 930 07 36 39

NAP Molino - Av. del Paral·lel, 94 · 930 07 36 39

For 12 years they have internationalized Neapolitan pizza, transmitting this history and philosophy from Barcelona to Madrid, San Sebastián, Bilbao and Palma de Mallorca.


Carrer de València, 234. 08007 Barcelona

The Senza Glutine pizzeria of the Grosso Napoletano chain represents the first example of gluten-free Neapolitan pizza in Barcelona.

Made with flour from the best gluten-free cereals (rice, corn and buckwheat), with a 48-hour double fermentation process.

You will enjoy from the Margherita to the Diavola, from the oven to the pizzaioli, from the entrance to the last table.


Mother Lievito Poblenou - 936 67 82 71

Mother Lievito Lab Sant Martí - 935 12 91 46

Mother Lievito Eixample - Pizzeria & Trattoria - 930 31 60 37

Water, flour, mother yeast (lievito madre) and a pinch of magic. Pizza made with mother yeast and cooked for just 90 seconds in the stone oven, burning Mediterranean wood at 500 °C.


C/ de l'Encarnació, 51, 08024 Barcelona

Cozy restaurant with exposed brick walls, where artisanal pizza baked in a wood-fired oven is served.


Ptge. de Simó, 21, 08025 Barcelona

In Can Pizza the art of the dough has been perfected to the point of delirium. Carefully fermented for 72 hours to achieve the perfect texture.


C/ de Balmes, 193, 08006 Barcelona

Sourdough pizza and classic Italian dishes served with organic wine in this cozy and family-run restaurant.


C/ de Sant Pere Més Baix, 69, 08003 Barcelona

Pizza in teglia alla romana & focaccia. Vegan and vegetarian options.


Rda. de Sant Pau, 59, 08015 Barcelona

Simple and rustic pizzeria, with exposed brick walls, serving tapas, drinks and wood-fired pizza.


Carrer Muntaner 103 , 08036 Barcelona

The pizza to share. “Le Romane” offers a wide variety of special and innovative flavors to share.

Each person can choose two flavors that, together with those of others, will form a surprising assortment. One person two flavors, two people four flavors, three people six, four eight and so on.


Ptge. Marimon,5 - 934 615 877

C/ Londres,98 - 936 339 645

Pg. Sant Joan,56 - 935 418 011

Without a doubt, eating pizza is not a sin, it is an irresistible power. Pizza is a pleasure to taste. A slice of pizza makes you love life.