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La Castanyada - a very Catalan tradition

Cultura Culture 25/10/2023

If you like gastronomy, autumn and All Saints is a perfect time to enjoy. The oil season has just begun, the mushrooms are in their maximum splendor, the truffle is showing its nose and it is time to try the new wine. But there is much more that makes autumn and this time a special occasion to enjoy everything that nature and traditions offer us.

The Castanyada is the traditional celebration throughout Catalonia, which takes place on the night of October 31, prior to November 1, the Feast of All Saints. According to tradition, at dinner, at dessert time, roasted chestnuts and panellets are eaten and accompanied by Muscat wine.

But it is common to see the days before and after stalls on the streets, in which chestnuts are roasted on charcoal grills and traditionally wrapped in a paper cone to keep warm. But the gastronomic tradition is complemented by roasted sweet potatoes, candied fruits and “panellets”.

“Panellets” (small bread in Catalan) are small, very sweet pastries, whose main ingredients are sugar and ground almonds. From here, we find flavors such as coconut, lemon and chocolate.

Its origin is located in the 18th century when they were blessed to help the bell ringers ring the bells during the night of October 31 and to face the cold of the night and fatigue.

Numerous popular festivals and recreational activities are also held to celebrate both Castanyada and Halloween.

Wilhelm Freak Show


The innovative Halloween show at Tibidabo is presented as a completely unique experience compared to other similar events. Led by the talented Krüeger Hotel team, this show stands out as an eclectic mix of circus, illusionism and horror, all in one. Extraordinary creatures and amazing abilities come together to create an unforgettable experience.

Location: Tibidabo Amusement Park

All the information, here .

General admission price: €35.00

Halloween in Catalonia in Miniature

Family activity, Experiences

Special Halloween decorations, a Horror Passage, special spooky animations, Halloween-themed models, dances and a themed menu.

All the information, here .

General admission price: €12.60

Halloween in Poble Espanyol

Family activity and activity for adults

Poble Espanyol presents an exciting, enhanced experience to enjoy Halloween in Barcelona with children and adults. During the weekends, during the day, Poble Espanyol will transform into the setting of Creepy Family, a town that has been the victim of a curse. Families must solve a puzzle through a clue game and explore two haunted houses populated by fun, terrifying characters full of mystery. In addition, for the first time, a version is offered for more intrepid adults: Creepy Extreme, an experience designed for true horror and adrenaline fans. This guided tour features the participation of more than 30 actors who will set the spaces of the venue in an expressly terrifying way. The brave ones who dare to participate will have to face, if they dare, the challenging "Scream Houses".

All the information,here


Price: Adult/Children: Advance online: €12.00 / same day online or at the box office: €13.00 Special packs for 3 and 4 people available online.

All ticket types include entry to the Poble Espanyol venue.


Price: General: Advance online: from €21.50 / same day, online or at the box office: €30.00 Special packs for groups of 4 from €80.00 / same day online or at the box office: €120.00 .

Info, here

Bluesman Halloween Cinema Bar

Movie and cocktail at El Palace

The perfect horror film classics to celebrate a week of fear at the Blueman Cocktail Bar, an authentic speakeasy at El Palace Barcelona. This top movie experience is accompanied by freshly popped popcorn and a delicious Gray Goose cocktail. So all that's left to say is: lights, camera... action!

All the information, here .

Price: from €40.00.

Impro Horror Show


Impro Horror Show is a terrifyingly funny show, presented as laughter therapy. Through ghosts, demons, witches and more, with the public's suggestions it is transformed into comic and improvised scenes.

All the information, here .

Price: from €12.00

We are sure that some of these plans can be an opportunity to have a great time. You sign up?