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Sant Joan, the shortest and most magical night of the year

Cultura Culture 15/06/2023

The most magical night of the year is approaching, with the traditional festival of Sant Joan, in which the shortest night of the year is celebrated with music, cava, firecrackers, sparklers, coca de Sant Joan and bonfires. Sant Joan is one of the most popular, loved, expected and sounded festivals. The summer solstice is celebrated and the celebration has a marked Mediterranean character. The Sant Joan festival is one of the most exciting times of the year in Barcelona and the excitement is in the air.

If you want to know the origins of this tradition, here you have all the information.

All the neighborhoods of Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia celebrate this magical night, in homes, on terraces, on the beaches, and it symbolizes the kick-off of summer.

But we especially recommend you not to miss La Flame Del Canigó .

On the afternoon of June 23, she is solemnly received by the City Giants, the Capgrossos Macers and the City Eagle. After a tour of the city, the reading of the official messages from the Town Hall and the lighting of the torches, the flames are distributed through the different neighborhoods to light the bonfires.

Just as important as the bonfires and firecrackers is the Coca de Sant Joan. You can have different fillings such as fruit, cream, pork rinds, pine nuts, angel hair, etc. and it should always be accompanied by a good muscatel or cava.

Here are the best recommendations from @timeoutbcn.

And remember: "Baño de San Juan, health for the whole year".