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At Sensation Apartments, we actively seek to reduce our environmental impact by providing our guests with a more sustainable stay, without detracting from the services we offer.

What are some of the measures already in place to achieve some of these objectives?

1. Installation of a system of photovoltaic panels to generate our own energy. In addition to that, we also have solar panels to heat our tap water. Thanks to these renewable energy systems, we reduce our carbon footprint by limiting our electricity consumption.

Photovoltaic panels  Solar water heating system

2. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, reduce waste and eliminate single-use packaging, we have moved away from plastic water bottles to offer all our customers a perfectly filtered welcome bottle of water: pure, residue-free water in a 100% washable and reusable glass bottle.

KMZERO welcome water


3. Disinfection of the plunge pool using salt chlorination, a perfect natural and ecological alternative for its maintenance, and which offers multiple advantages for health.


Plunge pool

4. Recycling is also a crucial issue for us, and that' s why we provide our guests with information on how to recycle correctly and make it easy for them to do so during their stay. We believe it is just as important to reduce our environmental impact as it is to raise awareness among our guests so that they too can help us care for the planet.


Recycling posterWater consumption poster


5. Drastic reduction in the use of paper in the office and in the apartments. To do this, we have created a web application that allows us to offer all the information about our services and even check-in completely digitally. This application is accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Web application

6. But we must not forget that sustainable tourism is not only about optimising environmental resources, but also about protecting the environment and the local culture. In our case, it is of great importance to respect our neighbours and their rest, that is why we have installed a system of noise meters in the apartments that allows us to detect high levels in order to avoid noise pollution and possible disturbances. In addition, we always remind our guests to be respectful of their neighbours and their rest.



7. Last but not least, we collaborate with charitable organisations for the reuse of furniture and other belongings removed from the apartments in order to offer them for social purposes.



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