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Top 7 live jazz venues

Ocio Leisure 28/02/2024

Barcelona, city of musical flavors, where tones, rhythms and melodies are mixed, which enrich the sound culture of our city!

From the big stages to the coziest bars, the city bustles with concerts, festivals and jam sessions that make the soul vibrate.

Hospitality and music have been battle companions since time immemorial. Bars and clubs have been cradles of musical legends and stages of unforgettable concerts.

For lovers of classics, elegant artists, sensual saxophones and antique pianos, Barcelona has jazz clubs waiting every night to transport you to another era!

Jazz, that ethereal genre that caresses the ears, has a special place in the musical heart of Barcelona. For lovers of this magical sound, the city offers a symphony of venues where you can enjoy intimate concerts or lively jam sessions.


Carrer de la Comtessa de Sobradiel, 8 - Ciutat Vella

Cozy, long-established club with a bar and live jazz, swing, blues and rock music concerts. It is historically a cosmopolitan, open and friendly club in which people's origins lose importance and their musical criteria gain value.


Carrer d'En Botella, 7, Ciutat Vella

Live jazz, open mic nights, cocktails and various international beers in a legendary and busy bar. Since its beginnings as a tavern, back in the early years of the 20th century, live music has occupied a place of honor in this bar.


Pl. Reial, 17, Ciutat Vella

Club opened in 1960, which offers a daily jazz program that includes both conventional selections and those open to other styles, such as blues, groove, funk, soul and blues.

It is one of the best pubs in Barcelona with live music and one of the best-known jazz clubs in Spain. It has hosted some of the best singers and groups in the world.


Carrer d'En Robador, 23, Ciutat Vella, 08001 Barcelona

Underground tapas bar with stone walls, offering jazz, flamenco and other styles concerts. You can enjoy a wide variety of high-quality concerts and shows. The bar's stage lights up every night to welcome talented artists and renowned bands. From exciting jazz, flamenco to Jam sessions, you will find live music concerts that will captivate all your senses.


Carrer de les Guilleries, 6, Gràcia

Cozy, retro-style bar with concerts by local artists of jazz, blues and other musical genres. Soda Acústic was born with the idea of being a meeting point for musical curiosity, offering a live music space for artists with different musical projects, whether experimental or genre, but always with an essence of roots.


Carrer del Torrent de l'Olla, 141, Gràcia

Located in the heart of the Gràcia neighborhood, at Casa Figari you can find live music from Wednesday to Saturday, accompanied by signature cocktails, natural wines and craft beers.


C/ de Ramón y Cajal, 80, Gràcia

Informal and cozy bar with live music performances. Since 1995, Heliogàbal has been working intensively for the cultural sector at its headquarters in the Gracia neighborhood of Barcelona.

Small-format concerts, poetry recitals and exhibitions have been and are the main focuses of the association's stable programming.

So, if you are looking to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of Barcelona while sipping a drink and letting yourself be carried away by the strains of jazz, you are in the right place! Let yourself be carried away by the music and experience the magic of the night in these corners full of art and passion!