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Croquette Day - In search of the best in Barcelona

Gastronomía Gastronomy 10/01/2024

Next Tuesday, January 16, International Croquette Day is celebrated and we couldn't let it pass without recommending some of the best croquettes in the city.

Yes, we know that croquettes are not of Spanish origin, they were invented in France, but we must recognize that this recipe has become as Spanish as Iberian ham or potato omelette. And, in Spain, we have adapted and turned this delicious snack into a gastronomic tradition and, for this reason, you can find the most creative and appetizing proposals in many restaurants in Barcelona. Below is a list of our recommendations:

  • The Succulent

  • Sepúlveda Winery

  • Bar Cañete

  • Croq&Roll

  • Fontana Chicken Shop

  • Catacroquet

  • Pla Bar

  • Paco Meralgo

  • The pepit

  • La Xarxa

The Succulent

In this restaurant where its own description is “popular flavors reinterpreted”, the croquettes could not be missing, in this case, its star Roasted Duck croquette. If you have the opportunity to try it, we are sure that it will not leave you indifferent.

Address: Rambla del Raval, 45

Sepúlveda Winery

Here you can find tapas and dishes made with fresh, local products that perfectly describe the essence of Catalonia. They have stew, porcini or squid croquettes. Order a plate with a variety and try them all!

Address: C. de Sepúlveda, 173

Bar Cañete

In a tapas bar you can never miss croquettes and in a high quality one like this, the croquettes had to be up to standard. Their ham croquettes are not just any ham, they are acorn-fed ham. Imagine how they must be! Although, for the less classic, there is also “lobster and something else”.

Address: C. de la Unió, 17


A full-fledged croquette shop, you could say that it is the paradise of croquettes in Barcelona, it has more than 20 varieties of croquettes, among which you can find meat, fish, vegetarian, lactose-free and even sweet croquettes options. You won't know which one not to choose!

Address: Travessera de Gràcia, 233 - C. Villarroel, 140

Fontana Chicken Shop

Here they opt for the most traditional recipes, those of their grandmother, those that the young chef Nil Ros inherited from his grandmother. The essence of traditional flavors is present in every bite, especially in the croquettes, prepared with care and the best ingredients, which is why their chicken croquette is SPECTACULAR.

Address: C. de Sant Lluís, 9


A fresh and avant-garde restaurant where the croquette is the protagonist in all its versions, with the most creative proposals, the most classic one you will find is the acorn-fed ham... They also have sweet croquettes for dessert that are finger-licking good!

Address: C. Almogàvers, 211

Pla Bar

This bar is part of the Barcelona Slow Food Guide 2024 and, as expected, their croquettes are spectacular to enjoy slow slow ... They have them with Iberian ham and mushrooms and also with idiazabal cheese and spinach.

Address: C. Montcada, 2

Paco Meralgo

In this restaurant they put a first and last name to the tapas in Barcelona. It is considered an “Alta Taberba” where you can enjoy the art of eating and drinking well. Their “Obama” cuttlefish croquette is one of the icons on their menu, although they also prepare a chicken and ham croquette that is not far behind either.

Address: C. Muntaner, 171

The pepit

In this traditional tapas bar but with a much more fun and casual atmosphere where you can find an incredible croquette. In their menu they call it “The Iberian croquette VIC (Very Important Croquette), with this name there is no need to say anything else. You have to try it!

Address: C. Còrsega, 343

La Xarxa

A gastronomic space where you can find market cuisine with high quality products and unique preparations. As they themselves say, the perfect croquette does exist because the La Xarxa seafood truffle is unbeatable.

Address: Plaça Molina, 2

This list is not a ranking, it is simply a list where all the options are equally good and where you can find delicious croquettes of many different types that cannot be compared to each other. We hope you can enjoy the best croquettes in Barcelona!